The opinion polls for Gujarat elections have been shifting their trends in the l…

The opinion polls for Gujarat elections have been shifting their trends in the last few months.

Both BJP & Congress are predicated to get similar seats

25 thoughts on “The opinion polls for Gujarat elections have been shifting their trends in the l…”

  1. This means BJP will hack EVMs enough to either get a narrow victory or narrow defeat. Incase of latter they will buy out MLAs from other parties to form the government.

  2. evm( all vote for modi) is working for bjp and chief election commssioner is silent on this evm issue, how the fuck he is even a commissioner? bjp is going to win because of evm , just how a candidate can get 0 votes , it is happening just because of evm , democracy is dead

  3. achha hai agar gujarat main congress aayi toh bjp walo ke muh par ek sab se baad dag hoga 🤣 aise bhi Anandiben patel aur Vijay Rupani kuch naya nahi kiya

  4. Even after ruling Gujarat for 22 years. BJP and Modi aren’t talking about the famed Gujarat Model. All they talk about is

    – Rahul Gandhi
    – Congress
    – Indira Gandhi
    – Jawaharlal Nehru
    – Sardar Patel
    – Aurangazeb
    – British
    – RG’s Religion
    – RG’s election
    – RG’s pet

    Don’t know whether Congress will win this election or not, Surely Modi and Shah are rattled.

    Note: I believe Congress should win easily but you never know about EVM’s.We all know what happened in UP.

  5. As a politics interest person..kahunga ke sab chor hai mgr dream ek he zindgi me politics ko leke ke MODI ko with gujrat pure india me bure tareeke se clash hoke bade marjan se hare dekhna…hoga jarur…bjp ne bhav nahi chukia 2014 me logo dwara jitvaye jane ka ek 1 % bhi…party karenge agr bjp hare gujrat to..let see

  6. The main point noticed that BJP will never talk about Gujarat development, they are always talking about congress, Rahul and Hardik patel.if they done why they are worried about other issues.

  7. Arogant moodi yoogi cow…gow rakshak fakooo… Baba katter hindu politics…..kills bjp….bcz……always speaks about killing destruction…. Religious politics bjp spreads hstes among ppl to ppl…yarr india is a sacular country bjp plays cast politics….till now a lower cast banda couldn’t eat from a higher class cast banda house….so how india gonna progress… Heeee moodi became pm from chaiwala… But still now no change happend in gujurat… He is almost 60 yrs…only get benefits for him and his party….he nvr caired about his one and only wife so how he gonna cair the 125 cr indian ppl….he traveled all world….poor is getting more poor ambani getting more richest thtan ever…see congress bjp aap…no change goona happen… Poor and rich caste and religious political deviations.. … Ppl don’t hve brains in india….still say yoogi yoogi jai jai… Mata mata goomata….heee foolish north indian mindset always ruining india….see i am a malayali from kerala…our state is the no 1 in all development factors in india… But noth indian ppl always trying to degrade kerala ppl tamilnadu ppl karnataka ppl evan sikkim assam manipur mekhalia….only thr narrow minded thoughts… Imposing on all other states says india is noth india…heee fool….big fool ppl…..first check… The mother language in the world… Check wikki google youtube… Its tamil…..sancrit from south india……no indian emporers conquered the tamil rulers till now…….but ppl don’t know the history rule india says they are the one who created all history… Sri shant got thrown out from the indian team only bcz of the bcci dirty north indian narrow mindest politics….i feel shame as an indian

  8. No matter which ever party wins, the life of common man will not change, it has to go the way he decides for self. Only thing is just anda change outside.

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