The GDP growth was first bought down all the way from 9% to 5.7% Now it increa…

The GDP growth was first bought down all the way from 9% to 5.7%

Now it increased a bit to 6.3%. And see how the government and Bhakts will celebrate. They did the same thing with many GST products. Increase tax all the way from 12% to 28%, then decrease it to 18% and celebrate

23 thoughts on “The GDP growth was first bought down all the way from 9% to 5.7% Now it increa…”

  1. itz just a gujju pre election temporary trap n show off… election k baad fir dekho hitler raaj…bhakts n their feku baniya hv one trick…pehle 100 ped kaato fir mushkil se koi 1-2 paudha ugne lagey toh chillao ki dekho humne kitne sarey ped lagaye….bloody anti nationals

  2. Modi doesn’t even knw the full form of GDP… He doesn’t understand English, how is he working in PMO… 😂 😂 😂 that’s the reason he doesn’t go to office and busy in Election campaigning and giving lectures… 😂😂😂😂

  3. jhutley ko ye lagta ki agar Demonetization se GDP increase hui to fir es saal kyu nhi kia Demonetization…jisse GDP century mar deti aur india Top pe….kyu bhakto sahi kaha na 😁😂

  4. Same is with fuel prices….increase by 6 or 7 Rs and then later on decrease by 1 to 2 Rs. But nowadays it only increases.
    And every year in one particular season raise the prices of essential vegetables, make quick money, fill the pockets of middlemen and their own (I mean politicians). And when asked, shamelessly tell, we have no idea or no control over prices.

  5. this guy cannot digest this positive news.. Such a loser dhruv rathee. Shame. If anything good happens with indian this guy come up with some blame. I doubt ur mentality

  6. bjp is riding a soap bubble with it’s over the top stupid fake promises and then delivering none, it is only a matter of time when people will get fed up of it and the bubble bursts 😀 😀

  7. It is not possible that GDP will register a growth so soon and would be 6% plus. Check with experts, check whether the criteria are changed, whether something not supposed to be excluded or included is playing a part.

  8. Illiterates like Dhruv Rathee will obviously talk like this.

    The GDP was pushed to 9.2%, not in a quarter, but with constant small leaps from below 4% that UPA had left us in from 8% growth during NDA-1.

    And the drop from 9.2% to 5.7% also didn’t happen in a quarter – it decreased in 4 quarters even after major economic reforms took place.

    So, expecting GDP to bounce back to 9.2% in a quarter is speaking like a true retard.

    And if Dhruv Rathee could name a single product where in the previous tax was 12% and GST pushed it to 28%, I would take back my words. Infact, the other way has happened, basic things that was taxed at 28% before has been brought down to 12%.

  9. With the increase of prices due to GST and also petrol prices total amount public spending is increased . When public spending/ consumption a part of GDP for calculation is high GDP will also increase. Hence public still suffer despite GDP increase.

  10. People who like BJP ideology & Modiji’S leadership are Modi Bhakt..Then u people supporting congress Nd Rahul(Pappu ) are Pappu Bhakt..??
    Tab to it’s better to be Modi Bhakt.#upmunicipalelections..ab to ballot paper se bhi ho gaya election

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